J.W. van Bremen

Jan-Willem van Bremen

Team Rockstars IT

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After graduating from my Software Engineering studies at the University of Applied sciences in Amsterdam I was ready to start looking for my first real job. I started applying to some companies and set my LinkedIn profile to "Looking for a job". This caused a huge surge in phone calls of parties interested in hiring me which became a bit overwhelming at some point. After having some interviews with a number of companies I got a few contractual offers from a variety of parties. One of which was Team Rockstars IT, which I ended up choosing as my first employer because there was a very good fit between me and the company and the people I've spoken with there. As well as the ability to work for different clients on project basis in order to discover what my actual preferences are in the Software Engineering field.

At the start of my position at team rockstars I worked on some of their internal tooling before my first actual project for one of their clients would start. During that time I worked on two main projects, their Rockstars Profiles Web Application and a new Salary Estimation Calculator.

The Rockstars profiles Web Application was written in Angular with MaterialUI and the back-end was running on Azure. I was able to introduce many fixes and improvements to the application adding to it's usability and visual coherence.

I also worked on their salary calculator application which is used to give an indication of the expected salary for potentially new Rockstars. Previously this was done using an Excel sheet so a more streamlined, modern and presentable way to do this was required.

I've been working at Team Rockstars IT for

"Date since 01-12-2021"

years now and I'm looking forward to future projects at interesting clients where I can make some real impact and further develop myself in techniques and technologies I'm interested in!