J.W. van Bremen

Jan-Willem van Bremen

Jan-Willem van Bremen

Software engineer, Skateboarder & Model!


About me

Who I am

Who I am

My name is Jan-Willem van Bremen. I'm a "Date since 10-10-1998" year old full-stack software engineer, skateboarder and model from Amsterdam! I'm a very social, diligent and precise person who can concentrate for long periods of time. I work well both solo and in (multidisciplinary) development teams!

What I do professionally

Professionally I am a full-stack Software Engineer focussing on web-development. I do this using technologies & techniques like Node.js, HTML, (S)CSS, Type/JavaScript, web frameworks (React, Next.js), (No)Sql Databases, Git(hub), Agile (Scrum), Netlify/Vercel and much more!
What I do for fun

What I do for fun

For fun I have been practicing skateboarding for "Date since 01-07-2011" years on an amateur level. During my skateboarding career I have been sponsored by different brands and shops. Next to that I also do some model work for various street wear brands in Amsterdam.

Experiences & Projects

EveryOrigin CORS Proxy thumbnail
EveryOrigin CORS Proxy

EveryOrigin is a free CORS proxy service that allows developers to circumvent CORS restrictions on websites that don't allow cross-origin requests. The service is free and open-source and was inspired by similar services like allorigins.win and whateverorigin.org. The service is built using Next.js and is hosted on Netlify.

React Generic Table Library thumbnail
React Generic Table Library

This project was my second attempt at creating a React library. This time I wanted to create a generic table component library that could be used to render feature rich but simple to use tables in react with built-in animations, out-of-the-box sorting, support for actions in an action column and more. The library was built using React and TailwindCss so it's lightweight!

Portfolio v2 thumbnail
Portfolio v2

This project is a rework of my original personal portfolio website reimagined with a more modern and robust stack featuring a CMS and static site generation resulting much better performance and a way smoother user and administrative experience!

Skateboard Tricks Tracker thumbnail
Skateboard Tricks Tracker

This projects demonstrates using authentication and an external database for a highly interactive progressive web application. It is a full-stack Next.js project featuring multiple pages, an Api with middleware and mutliple OAuth services to sign in with and persistent data in a NoSql database.

React Transition Scroll Library thumbnail
React Transition Scroll Library

This project was my first attempt at creating a React library. It is a library that allows you easily animate items as they scroll into view. It is simple to use and has a number of customization options. I've used the library in a number of my own projects and it has been a great learning experience.

Portfolio Lea Shamaa thumbnail
Portfolio Lea Shamaa

This project is a portfolio website for Lea Shamaa aimed at aiding her Journalistic career. The website features blog articles, portfolio items and past experiences. The website also has a contact form and about page. The project was made using Next.js & DecapCMS. The front-end features animations, effects, static rendering and dark-mode. On the back-end CMS the content of the website can be altered and added to.

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Or, Email me directly! @ janwillemvanbremen@live.nl